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Wholesale Disposable Toilet Seat Cover [Non Woven]


   Minimum Order: 5000 Pieces

   Customization: Available

Usage:Toilet Seat Cover
Manufacturing Country:India

With our disposable non woven toilet seat cover, you can be assured of your hygiene, by preventing direct contact with a toilet seat, be it in any location.

Since it is also easy to carry easily fitting in your wallet or handbag, you do not have to worry about carrying anything extra or leaving it behind when you go out especially when traveling without any second thought.

It is also easy to use, without any complexities, all you need to do is dry the toilet seat/rim, place the cover, and when you are done, just flush, the disposable sheet will get sucked in leaving no trace of it maintaining toilet cleanliness in the process.

Disposable toilet seat covers are commonly known by all that there are a lot of germs and viruses present in a common toilet seat, this disposable toilet seat cover effectively prevents the spread of bacteria in the toilet seat.

The toilet seat cover is essential during this troubling times as a very likely origin of many diseases is the use of public toilets without taking any steps to prevent the spread of the germs and bacterias already present in the toilet seats. Apart from the plus points mentioned above, it is worth mentioning that the product is also very comfortable to use.

We are the leading manufacturer of non woven disposable toilet seat cover & buy you can buy our products in bulk at the lowest price.

Product nameDisposable Toilet Seat Cover
MaterialNon Woven

“I have happy with their Product & Shipping time. They delivered my order within 3 Days in the Pittsburgh. I will order more products of disposable products after 2 weeks”.

Josh Miller

“Thank you Pipercart for the custom dental bed cover & the size is according to the Adobe illustrator design file. I never thought that I will receive my order within 5 days at Calgary”.

Jessica Crew

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