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Wholesale Disposable Non Woven Steering Wheel Cover

$0.33 /piece For Seat Cover


$0.48 /per set (Includes Steering Wheel, Gear & Hand Brake)


   Minimum Order: 5000 Pieces

   Customization: Available

Usage:Car steering cover
Manufacturing Country:India

Disposable Gear Cover

During these troubling times, why use a disposable protective cushion cover while traveling in your personal car when you can easily use our single-use disposable Disposable Non Woven Steering Wheel covers.

Our Disposable Non woven steering wheel cover got features such as elastic design to easily apply and remove without any problems and is also easy to remove without any difficulties, our each disposable non woven cover easily slips on steering wheels which is up to ______” diameter, also it covers only the steering wheel portion, not the middle which allows drivers to see the gauges without facing any difficulties while doing so.

It also works well when you are to clean your car, this disposable cover protects your steering wheel from debris and without any worries of adding another item to your ‘to-clean’ list.

Our product is suitable for almost all the cars which cover up to 98% of commercial vehicles and to also mention 96% of SUVs, so you can order in bulk without any second thoughts, but if you are still unsure of this, we recommend you to measure the outer diameter of your vehicle’s steering wheel.

As mentioned above our super strong products are suitable for standard steering wheels which has a diameter of _____ cm (____ inches).

Product nameCar Steering Cover
MaterialNon Woven
DimensionAs Per Requirement

“I have happy with their Product & Shipping time. They delivered my order within 3 Days in the Pittsburgh. I will order more products of disposable products after 2 weeks”.

Josh Miller

“Thank you Pipercart for the custom dental bed cover & the size is according to the Adobe illustrator design file. I never thought that I will receive my order within 5 days at Calgary”.

Jessica Crew

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